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On November 19th at TEDxLimassol, we will embark on what lies beyond the edge.

 Now more than ever, societies are living on the edge. What lies beyond the edge is both exciting and daunting. Breakthrough innovation and technology, economic, societal and political new world structures, opportunity, possibility. If we can avoid the pitfalls, we are on the threshold of exhilarating change. 

On November 19 th at TEDxLimassol, together we will embark on
what lies beyond the edge.

LIVING ON THE EDGE meets three of the most essential TEDTalk objectives:

To democratize knowledge and science

To stimulate and arouse audiences around the world

To spark deep discussion and connections


Lambros Fisfis

TEDxLimassol’s host this year is Lambros Fisfis a stand-up comedian, improv actor and writer.

He has written and performed 3 stand-up comedy specials and has toured Greece, Europe and the world entertaining audiences for the past 12 years.

In TV he has created comedy programs such as “Κάψετο Σενάριο”, “Γενιά των 592 ευρώ” and “Απόψε Μόνο” and has hosted quiz shows and talk shows such as “Quizdom”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “The 100” and “Βραδινές Ιστορίες.

As a comedian and trainer, he has worked with more the 100 companies and has done corporate shows and team-building events.

Lastly, he is very happy to be the host of TEDxLimassol and feels very awkward to have been speaking about himself in the third person.


TEDxLimassol will bring to its stage 12 speakers and performers. Our complete lineup will be announced soon. Keep an eye out on our social media platforms and website for speaker announcements. This year’s speakers will share experiences, stories and ideas that extend the boundaries of how we perceive our lives.


TEDxLimassol will be held at PARKLANE, A LUXURY COLLECTION RESORT & SPA LIMASSOL. Registration begins at 9am. The event ends at 6pm. Expect a full day of limitless ideas and numerous interactive parallel events.

Apart from inspiring talks and beautiful performances each ticket includes morning and afternoon coffee and snack breaks and a light lunch.


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